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Kid Tested     -     Mother Approved

Here at RANCH PONY we take good ponies and get them broke like real ranch horses. These ponies are exposed to cattle, trail riding and exposed to many things that regular horses aren't usually exposed to.

Our riders have been riding horses and ponies from a very young age. Their parents are accomplished professionals. Dad is a highly rated team roper and Mom has extensive show experience including winning Palomino World three times.

The children are always supervised and the result is ponies that are really broke. The ponies walk, trot, lope, cross water, Dad goes roping and the ponies go along. The boys turn back steers and move the steers from the holding pens to the roping chutes.

Does my child need a Ranch Pony? Most kids will never need to chase a steer or goat rope. The advantage for your child is getting a pony that really has seen and done it all. These ponies are trailered regularly, stand tied all day, are accustomed to ropes swung around them, loudspeakers and the commotion associated with roping and ranch work.

I need an English Pony? We have converted many of our ranch ponies to highly competitive hunter and eventing ponies. The Ranch Ponies have been hauled to lots of different arenas with a lot of commotion. They understand loading and unloading, trailering, and standing tied all day. They've been ridden independent of their friends and with many different new horses. This balances a pony's attitude and helps him quickly adjust to the demands of the show circuit. In addition, part of the Ranch Pony training includes jumping logs and small poles. Ponies that are ridden around cattle, roping events, and trails generally become less spooky than a pony that spends his entire life in an arena.

Boys will be boys and the boys love horses and ponies and try to do everything on them. We've seen them play basketball, set water sprinklers on the ponies backs, play cowboys and Indians, rope each others ponies, and stand in the saddles. While not endorsing these activities, it's hard to keep the boys away from the ponies.

The children are well supervised and have more saddle time than most adult pleasure riders. Some of the things the boys do may look scary but many of these ponies are shorter than a bed and definitely shorter than a bunk bed, so unless your child wears a helmet to bed, a fall from these ponies is no different than falling out of bed. Actually an arena with good footing is considerably softer than the floor in your home.

We do our best to match the correct horse with the correct owner.
Your trainer can also assist you to select the right horse for your needs.
Vet Checks are permitted and must be done before horses leave the property.

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