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Click here to see the one hand mount.

Tim and the pinto gelding named Dally win top honors in the OPEN division of the ACTHA Competitive Trail Competition at Sundance Ranch.

Sundance Ranch in Manvel Texas hosted the ACTHA trail competition on Saturday May 22, 2010. Tim rode the pinto named Dally to the top place and won the jackpot.

The competition consists of a six mile trail ride with six judged obstacles. The obstacles included a bridge, spin box, gulley crossing, jump three logs, mount, and tarp crossing.

The Pleasure and Junior class complete the same obstacles with the Open division performing the same obstacles with harder options. The bridge is trotted for Open and walked for the others. Open pivots both directions in the box and the other divisions perform a rollback. The mount was tricky with the other divisions mounting anyway they can and Open mounting from the off side with ONE Hand - try that at home! The gulley is crossed at a trot on the steepest part of the gulley with the other divisions getting across any way they can. This gulley had mud at the bottom so most horses jumped the mud. The jump was three logs a a canter with the first log being only five feet wide. The other divisions can cross the logs at any gait. The tarp is crossed at a walk with the other divisions. The Open division had to trot the tarp, stop in the center, and then rest perfectly still for five seconds and exit at a walk.

We're really pleased with these results as this was the first ACTHA competition for both the rider and horse!

Dally is available for $2800