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Kid Tested     -     Mother Approved

Tim and Cyndi have just returned from delivering horses to Dubai and Luxembourg. Three Thoroughbred were delivered to the Sheik of Dubai. Horses that are shipped overseas go through an extensive quarantine period and comprehensive vet check and blood work. The horses are then loaded on containers that are similar to horse trailers without wheels. They are loaded in cargo planes for the trip overseas.

Since the flight crew doesn't usually have horse experience, an attendant needs to accompany the horses to make sure they are safe, fed and watered, and more importantly, be able to administer drugs for pain and sedatives if needed. This is rarely necessary, but again the captain and copilot need to fly the plane and most don't have experience with large animals.

Total flight time is approximately 18 hours total. Horses going to Dubai layover in Frankfort Germany to make it easier for them. Everyone was complaining about the heat in Dubai, but after this summer in Texas the horses probably thought they were back home.

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Loading Thoroughbred filly into the container in Houston

Loading Thoroughbred filly into the container in Houston

You have to be really checked out to get this close.

Container being loaded in the cargo plane

Container is locked down in the cargo hold.

Container inside the plane

Filly looking out of the container inside the plane

Container being offloaded in Dubai

Frankfort animal layover facility

Protective suits need to be worn in the Frankfort animal quarantine area during the layover

Jumeirah Mosque built by the new owner of the racehorses we delivered.
Tim accidently took this picture with his cellphone and didn't know what is was until he got home and looked it up.

Picture in the Dubai airport - They love their horses.