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CCR Playboy Doc
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Captain Crunch - 5 year old sorrel gelding. With Freckles Playboy, Doc Tari, and Smart Little Lena on this gelding's pedigree it's easy to see why he's so good.

Capt'n Crunch is completely finished on either end. If you rope in the Houston area you've seen him do his job. He's ready to go and suitable for a #5 - #10 roper. Pro's rope on him and then he takes care of my 10 year old in the heel box. He rates to the rider. Never a problem in the box and puts you in the right spot everytime. Runs hard, scores great.

Come try him out, steers available or watch his at local ropings. If you want to learn to rope this is a great horse for a beginner roper. He's already finished and he'll teach you what to do.

If you can rope, buy him, put him in the trailer the next day, and you won't be embarrased at the next roping.

Update: Captain Crunch came in 4th and 5th in a charity roping of 350 teams. Monkey and Captain Crunch had the fastest time of the day at 5 seconds.