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Kid Tested     -     Mother Approved

Seeing is believing.
Watch these videos to help you understand what these ponies and horses are exposed to. We try our best to get them exposed to as much commotion and different obstacles as possible. We haven't bored you with all the ground work that is done with each horse to get them to this point. The riders are experienced and enjoy getting the ponies and horses to accept as much as possible.

Click each link to watch video

Boys working the roping chute with a pony
Texas Sleigh Ride
Boys bringing up the steers with ponies.
Obstacle Training
Horses and Ice Cream
Redneck fun.
Rider with the helmet is a special needs rider
Watch this pony push steers twice her size.
This is the way many of our horses load in the trailer.
Team Sorting Seagulls
Boys practicing roping a donkey.
Trailriding with the boys
Two year old AQHA colt in an open area at a PRCA roping in Hunstville
Houston breaking a "Quarter Pony."
Trailriding antics with the boys
Starhorse jumping training
A new use for Mini horses
Gotta see this one - Most tolerant pony ever
Santiago, the boys dad, showing a Paint roping horse at the World.
Trio the paint pony team sorting
Cheerio the leopard app with our 13 year old nephew riding at the river