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Houston  Texas
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Horses Represented the Way They Are

Please call - We have many horses not listed yet.

Seven - This is one of the nicest ponies you'll ever meet and ride. Very smooth and easy. Rides english and western, has both leads and will jump too.

He is the first to greet you and follows you around like a dog. Ride him hard, drop the saddle, and he still hangs around.

Excellent trail riding and best friend. This horse has so much personality. Works cattle and you can throw a rope from him too. Neck reins and has great brakes. He gives everyone lots of confidence. Knows the pole and barrel pattern, but just for the young ones. He does not run with speed

We can't say anything bad about this guy.

Click for a video of a first time rider.

Click for a trail riding video.

Click to watch a team sorting video. This girl was a visitor and was her first time riding a horse off a leadline. She went from scared to a cowgirl in one night with this patient horse.