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Many of our horses and ponies have been trained by the top trainers in the country. We use the most appropriate trainer for the type of horse. Western pleasure horses are trained by pleasure trainers, jumping horses by jumping trainers - you get the point.

We have fearless trail riders capable of putting trail horses through obstacles that most riders will never attempt. This helps make sure you'll have a great ride.

Most of our horses and ponies cross water, bridges, tarps, ride in traffic, play horse soccer, and we are constantly looking for new and different challenges.

Our best trainers are the cowboys that use our ranch horses everyday. A ranch horse has seen everything, been everywhere and only works when needed. That means that if you need to get somewhere he can get you there at the speed you ask for. One of our ex-ranch horses became the leading children's eventing pony in Houston and was later shipped to California.

And of course we ride and tune up every horse that enters our program. As riders over 50 years old, our focus is on safety. While horseback riding can never be 100% safe, we do our best to minimize the risk by making horses brave through desensitizing to many obstacles.

Tim Constance - Owner/Manager    Tim is our 50+ rider and has about 30 years of experience riding many different disciplines and breeds. Tim and the Arabian stallion Kabru Lea Dash, were undefeated three years straight as the Versatility Champion of the Star Arabian Club, winning halter, western, english, jumping, and was hard to beat at trail, often beating quarter horses in open shows. We learned a lot from our black Arabian stallion Cass Ami, a son of Cass Ole from The Black Stallion movies. We owed Cass for 28 years since he was 6 months old and he is now buried in our backyard under his favorite tree.

2009 6th in the nation award Palomino Horse Breeders Association Hunter Under Saddle.

Tim just recently won the ACTHA competitive trail Open division at Sundance Ranch in Manvel Texas on a horse he had ridden only a few times.Click here for the full story.

Tim has been working with a few of our horse to compete in Extreme Cowboy Racing. Watch his extreme trailerloading horses the cowboy way!

Some of the horses started/tuned-up/trained by Tim have gone on to great things. This includes many of the hunter/jumper ponies competing in the Houston area, an APHA gelding that earned top honors in fourth level Dressage at a national level, the leading ACTHA horse, and many, many other successful show horses.

And of course Tim's specialty is trail. EVERY horse we touch is expected to trail ride. They are expected to cross bridges, cross water, and encounter trail obstacles with courage. Show horses are expected to ride down the road and through the woods to grandma's house without problems as well as a seasoned ranch horse.

Our motto is "We don't see obstacles, we see training opportunities." Many riders will do whatever they can to avoid "Obstacles." We look for these "obstacles" and turn them into "training opportunities." If a horse shows fear of something, we help them realize they can overcome that fear and actually learn to enjoy their surroundings. We took a 16 year old horse afraid of its shadow and transformed him into a trail machine. In a few weeks he would see something new in the distance and would ride up to it and touch his nose to the scary object. This makes a horse a joy to ride in any situation.

We are blessed in Texas with access to some of the best trainers in the country. Within a few hours of Houston we have western pleasure, jumping, team sorting, roping, dressage and trail trainers that compete at an international level. Many of them also specialize in specific breeds so we can select the best trainer for each horse's abilities.

We have successfully helped many ranch horses cross over to the english disciplines. Ranch horses with great handles are easy to convert to dressage. The advantage is having a horse that is accustomed to hard work but will still stay quiet under pressure. We recently took a reiner and converted him to a pony jumper. This small registered AQHA gelding loved to jump and already had his changes, so the conversion was easy. Many ranch horses make great childrens hunters because they've seen everything and remain quiet in new surroundings.