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Two Blue RG-

2008 Blue Roan Gelding

We usually don't recommend 4 year old horses for beginners but this little guy has been there, done that, and seen it all. He probably has more miles on him than most ten year olds. He was used on a conditioning feedlot so has seen lots of cows and opened thousands of gates.

He is a true "one-finger" broke horse meaning that you can rein and even stop him with one finger in the reins. We've even ridden him with a rope around his neck.

Side-passes both directions, OK with a rope anywhere on his body and swinging around his head. Will make a great ACTHA horse.

Our 7 year old niece is a very timid rider and she has ridden this horse everywhere including taking hime over a tetter-totter bridge.

We can see this horse going almost any direction - child's playday pony, safe trail horse for an older rider, heal horse, sorting horse, or husband horse.

He is fantastically bred with his sire winning over $24,000 cutting, and a beautiful dam.

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$ 3800